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May 22, 2019

FCE 2019 – Day One

On the show floor at FCE 2019
On the show floor at FCE 2019

The FCE show began at 11:00 on Tuesday, with a large selection of exhibitors and attendees. The hall is divided into a pharmaceutical and a cosmetic section; many of the exhibitors’ locations are based on spaces they’ve used year after year for more than a decade. Here are some first impressions…

Flexible Packaging News

Novaprint – Constantia

Novaprint-Constantia booth at FCE 2019
Novaprint-Constantia booth at FCE 2019

Novaprint presented its anti-counterfeiting technology in lidding products, in partnership with Constantia Flexibles, the global leader in aluminum laminates and structures. The technology uses an invisible lacquer visible only with UV light as well as two sided printing to increase obstacles for counterfeiters.
Novaprint continues to expand its presence in Brazil with its plant in Atibaia. Current capacities include slitting and printing, up to six colors, as well as robust inventory for just-in-time supply of lidding and forming films.


This year at FCE ACG is highlighting its continued expansion in Brazil, both in packaging and in capsules. Dr. Erwin Pasbrig is speaking about aluminum based packaging materials for blisters. His talk introduces new structures for Cold Formed Foil (Alu/Alu) that offer increased barrier and protect against cross migration to give the customer an alternative to foil laminates with desiccants. In addition to aluminum based structures, ACG also offers high barrier formable polymer structures, both Aclar® based films and the newer “SuperB” high barrier PVdC structures.
ACG is also showcasing its tablet presses and capsule filling machinery, well known internationally and growing rapidly in Brazil.


This is (presumably) the last show when Amcor and Bemis will each have a stand, as the deal is expected to close in the immediate future. Some decisions on what the new Amcor will look like are now known.
All of Amcor Latin America will report to Aluisio Ragazzi Fonseca. Adrain Fugante, currently the General Manager of Amcor Brasil, will become Vice President of Healthcare in Latin America. More details are expected in the next 4-6 weeks.
There is a certain sense of history in Brazil regarding this acquisition. It was not that long ago that Amcor and Bemis each bought a portion of Alcan Packaging, at the time the major player in pharmaceutical foil packaging. As Mark Twain noted, “history may not repeat, but it rhymes.”


Honeywell is introducing a new Aclar® product, Accel, during the event. The officering includes two new clear and opaque laminated options for its high-moisture barrier films, Aclar Accel 1700 maintains the clarity, but has a standard size that allows for faster production and delivery to companies at a lower cost. Aclar Accel 5400 is designed for opaque laminates and offers a denser, moisture-rich barrier to companies seeking a more cost-effective solution to protect drugs than cold form foil in aluminum blister packaging, which has higher production costs and slower output.

Bilcare Research

Bilcare is growing its presence in LATAM with more to come. There is an ongoing exploration of how to be both global and local. They offer the full range of products, polymers to aluminum, with a focus on high barrier structures. Nelson Matsuo and Silvina Berasay are leading this charge; Nelson based in São Paulo, Silvina in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Daniel Hiddink, managing director, indicated that hMh is very busy in Brazil and in LATAM. Last year set new sales records and the company looks to continue with strong growth. Marion Scherer handles sales in Brazil, which are growing rapidly after patient years of work.

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