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June 28, 2019

MDM West Talk on Cannabis Packaging

On Wednesday (June 12, 2019), Peter Schmitt gave a talk entitled “Packaging: The Last Mile in Medical Cannabis.” In the talk, Montesino detailed the existing regulatory situation, exploring both the implications of Federal Law (Schedule 1) and the various State Laws that authorize the use of medical cannabis in a given state in spite of the federal situation. The talk also went into depth on key medical cannabis packaging issues: Safety (Child Resistant Packaging), Efficacy, Compliance, and Harmonization.

The talk included with a call for harmonization of packaging regulations: between the various US states and the Federal government, between the US and Canada and eventually, globally harmonization.

The talk ended with the announcement of the Cannabis Packaging Summit, to be held February 11th and 12th, at the MDM West event in Anaheim, CA.
Questions at the end of the talk focused on the concept of packaging as “the last mile.” There is intense interest in understanding the regulatory and compliance issues, as well as the type of packaging containers and performance issues they will face. More information on this upcoming event is available at

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