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July 01, 2019

ADM Toronto

On Thursday (June 6, 2019), Peter Schmitt gave a talk entitled “Cannabis Packaging: Balancing Branding & Requirements.” In the talk, Montesino detailed the existing and compliance regulatory situation in Canada, detailing the packaging and labeling regulations for cannabis. The talk also went into depth on how those regulations impact branding of cannabis products in Canada. The talk ended with the announcement of the Cannabis Packaging Summit, to be held February 11th and 12th, at the MDM West event in Anaheim, CA. Information about the Cannabis Packaging Summit can be found at

Questions and discussion at the end of the talk focused on the challenge of packaging given the detailed packaging and labeling regulations. There was also discussion on how to balance safety and packaging issues with the drive to eliminate waste, and questions about how these packaging regulations will compare to the fluid situation south of the border. More information on this upcoming event will be published shortly.

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