Fulfilling Objectives to Fulfill Orders

Launching or commercializing a product, entering into an emerging market, or incorporating a new technology requires vision and fortitude. We are inspired every day by working with clients who are actively redefining their industries with this type of boldness and innovation. That’s why, when it comes to effectively leading businesses through the highly complicated process to accelerate new product strategies, Montesino delivers the clarity and efficiency our clients need to succeed.

We make the unknown known and help companies create a solid plan of action. We acquire the right information and figure out how to implement it into an ever-changing environment. With solid knowledge and expertise in both packaging and polymers, combined with a deep understanding of regulatory compliance issues and access to decision makers around the world, we empower clients with actionable information to get the results they need.

As a business consulting and research firm serving packaging producers, consumers, regulators, and suppliers, we offer marketing, regulatory, and technical consulting and outsourcing services to the packaging industry. Transforming challenges into success stories, we work with clients to manage risks and bring design, ease of use, and packaging together to protect and sustain products.

What’s in a name?
In Miguel de Cervantes’ masterpiece, Don Quixote availed himself of alchemy when he transmuted a half-hour in Montesinos' dark cave into three days in a crystal palace. Today, as a company inspired by this theme of transformation, we seek to transcend technical and commercial challenges to empower tomorrow’s sustainable businesses.
And a Logo?

Origin of Montesino's Logo: The vesica pisces is a sacred geometrical symbol in which the circumference of one circle goes through the centre of another identical circle. The bit in the middle is the vesica. Geometrically, this is the basis for establishing the sacred proportions of the Golden Mean, mathematically expressed as two quantities where the sum of the quantities of the larger is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller one. The golden ratio is an irrational mathematical constant, approximately 1.6180339887. The Vesica Pisces is a geometrical figure of that ratio.


With years of experience and astute foresight, our company leaders help clients navigate complexities in packaging and polymers when launching new products into unknown markets.


With a network of consultants around the globe, our team of seasoned industry veterans has years of hands-on experience to deliver the results our clients need, when and wherever they need them.

Our Global Presence

With teams of consultants around the world, we have extensive knowledge of foreign markets and regulatory compliance standards throughout many different countries.

Montesino in Latin America

Conducting business in Latin America (LATAM) for almost 30 years, we are a go-to source for technology and training in healthcare packaging in the Mercosur, the Andes, Mexico and Central America. We have relationships with national regulatory authorities for food and drugs, (eg. ANMAT, ANVISA, COFREPRIS, DIGEMED, INVIMA, ISP Chile, etc.), and other pertinent organizations.

Montesino in Europe

Montesino’s European team consists of staff and consultants in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Bringing years of experience in PVC and pharmaceutical and blister packaging to pharmaceutical and healthcare customers in these countries, our seasoned consultants deliver our breadth of services and products across the region.





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