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High Barrier film is a polychlorotrifluoroethylene (PCTFE) material used extensively in healthcare packaging. Usually laminated to a base film, High Barrier laminates provide a wide range of gauges to allow flexibility when selecting the optimum barrier level in a given application. High Barrier film is crystal clear, biochemically inert, chemical-resistant, nonflammable, a plasticizer and stabilizer-free. High Barrier laminates do not yellow, crack or deteriorate over time. High Barrier film’s high moisture barrier properties offer ease of distribution to all climates and environments, especially Zone 4 Tropical locations.

High Barrier in Latin America

Montesino provides technical, regulatory and commercial support of High Barrier and High Barrier laminates throughout Latin America.

Technical Support
We work with end users, OEM machinery and tooling suppliers, and packaging lines to optimize the use of High Barrier structures. Ease of use, improvements in OEE, and technical trouble-shooting are offered in both Spanish and Portuguese, on-site, throughout Latin America. This technical support includes design and process optimization services as well as extensive support in the approval process (see Regulatory Support).
Regulatory Support
Montesino’s years of experience with regulatory teams on the front lines of stability testing and successful registrations delivers extreme value to customers in Latin America. We offer a variety of tools to assure selected High Barrier structures pass stability testing and regulatory requirements, including FEA analysis, design review and stability testing support.
Commercial Support
Understanding the total lifecycle costs of packaging materials is a critical element in the future of healthcare packaging in Latin America. We support clients with a detailed analysis of how to best use High Barrier structures to gain cost advantages.



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