Getting It Right

As the science of measurement, Montesino uses metrology to ensure high-performing, precise packaging standards.

Using Polarized Film for a Visual Inspection of Internal Stress in Packaging

When films are formed into three-dimensional packages, stress is created. Controlling and minimizing the stress, particularly in the sealing flange areas, is important when rigid materials such as copolyester (PETG) or uPVC are used. This system allows direct visualization of stress in preformed trays or packaging formed on a form/fill/seal machine.


How it works

Normal light has a random orientation, and when it passes through the bottom filter, only light oriented with the filter’s direction is allowed to pass.

  • Clear plastics under stress rotate the orientation of light.
  • The amount of stress in the plastic affects the amount of rotation.
  • When a plastic is deformed beyond its yield point, residual stress is created.
  • The amount of light rotation in the stressed area is different than in the unstressed film.
  • When the light passes through a second filter oriented 90° from the first filter, the difference in the amount of light rotation becomes visible.
  • The intensity of color change indicates more orientation.
  • Amorphous materials show this stress in a dark blue / gray color, crystalline materials show this stress with a variety of colors.

SEM Ultra Mictrotome Cross Sections

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) can be used to produce high-resolution, high-magnification images of blister cross sections. This allows measurement of wall thicknesses to confirm simulation results as well as measurement of total and/or component continuous blister thickness along the profile of a single cavity.




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